Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TenXLabs' Implementation of fully customized HRMS

TenXLabs' Implementation of fully customized HRMS for Industry Leading Paper Manufacturing Company

One of the biggest, integrated pulp and paper manufacturing companies in India needed a complete Human Resource Management System and Payroll Processing solution that would take care of all HR processes for all its employees. The company provides direct employment to over 4000 families. Moreover, the company provides livelihood to over 10,000 families through indirect job opportunities.
Client Overview
The company was formed with infusion of funds and high calibre management of a well-known industrial house of Calcutta, who have interests in textile manufacturing, tea plantation, wind energy and trading and investment business other than paper. The production capacity of their units put together is 1,74,000 tonnes p.a.

Pain Areas

    The company needed an end to end Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) and a payroll engine that could handle complex payroll rules. Before TenXLabs was engaged for this requirement, the company relied on a third party organization to manage HR processes. The key constraints were as follows:
  • Inflexibility to handle inbound data from the company and ended up taking key processes offline.
  • Inaccuracy in payroll management. Specifically, overtime calculation and tabulation of overtime in a payroll cycle.
  • Leave management was based on offline data.
  • Repeated offline reviews by the in-house HR team.


TenXLabs provided Paygenie with 30 to 50 project specific components bundled into a consolidated payroll engine. The payroll engine was deployed for the in house HR Team.

Based on a detailed analysis of requirements the engine was loaded with rules that could take care of the enterprise wide payroll calculation. TenXLabs also implemented Minerva HRMS that ensured that payroll calculation was augmented with detailed employee data. Over time hours/ overtime calculation was not a problem anymore as the data was recorded in the HRMS and translated through rules built in the payroll engine.


  • The leave management system is completely paperless. There is no offline data.
  • The third party organization is not handling HR processes for this company. This helped reduce overheads in terms of reviewing and managing the process for the in house HR Team.
  • Given all HRMS and payroll processing is in house, the company has seen cost effectiveness in HR cycles jump 100 times.
  • TenXLabs continues to provide back end SQL Scripting support for the HRMS and Payroll engine.
  • Continued support in the form of periodic consulting from TenXLabs (for clarifications and assistance with respect to the components used in the implementation)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Minerva HRMS Implementation for India's Top Logistics Service

 The largest inter-modal logistics provider in India was based on a pen and paper HR setup. They decided to take their human resource management online. Given it was a big decision, they were apprehensive and concerned about a solution that was inexpensive and fit their requirements seamlessly.

Client Overview

The company owns and operates a fleet of 20+ trains, 235 road-trailers and 10 reach-stackers at its rail linked terminals. They operate regular container train service from these `Dry Ports to the maritime ports at Nhava Sheva (J N Port), Mundra (MICT and MPSEZ) and Pipavav (GPPL), transporting import and export containers. They have the largest number of container trains among private container train operators.

Pain Areas

  • This was the single largest initiative taken by the company.
  • The expectations were high when it came to their first online Human Resource Management System (HRMS).
  • With a pen and paper setup, the biggest challenge was disorganized record keeping and discipline.
  • They were hoping that automation would help in eliminating that aspect completely.


  • This customer chose to go with Minerva HRMS. The software was provided as a SAAS (Software as a service) posting.
  • The implementation was designed with all functionalities included with minimal customizations.
  • 90% of the entire module was used without any customizations at all.
  • The HRMS functionalities are designed on a 'pay as you use' basis for the customer.


  • Ready MIS Reports. Information was ready for analysis whenever needed.
  • For offline data processing, the company used to rely upon a team of 2 HR associates. Once Minerva HRMS was online, this team was utilized for other responsibilities. Data processing was completely automated.
  • Features such as the online HR profile, Performance Management Tools, Report enrichment options etc were tremendously effective for the company to improve their overall HR processes.