Friday, August 17, 2012

Minerva Time Office Implementation for one of the largest manufacturers of tyres in the world challenged by management of their shift cycles

The client was looking for a complete time office solution for their plant in the upcoming industrial belt of Chennai. They were facing stiff challenges in managing their shifts and rosters. Here is how Minerva Human Resource Management Systems from TenXLabs came to be their best choice.

Client Overview

The client is an OEM supplier to some of the most established commercial automotive manufacturers like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland and Eicher from its Chennai plant. The relatively new Chennai unit has already produced 3 million passenger car tyres, a testament to the dynamics of the workforce in the facility. However, during the start of the operations, there was a pressing need to set up an effective time office system. The facility had a workforce of 3000 employees and required an effective Human Resource Management System (HRMS).


The human resource management was handled by a team of three before our HRMS solution was implemented. The sole function of 2 members in the HR team was to collect data for processing attendance reporting and payroll for the entire staff. The labour work force did not have access to the in-house HR system because the data was scattered over spreadsheets and custom reports. All biometric reports needed manual follow ups to take stock of regularization errors and missing attendance details. With a workforce of 3000 employees, the HR division was looking for a customized HR Automation that could handle the full spectrum of HR functions.
Pain Areas
  • Shift Creation and Management – There were three shifts to be managed. Two of the shifts were round the clock shifts that covered production on the floor. The third one was for the administrative staff.
  • Roster Creation – Roster creation was a weekly manual effort that required hours of planning and involved dedicated time to be put in by the entire HR Team.
  • Regularization issues – Problems pertaining to regularization like 'tailgating' etc. were manually tracked. This meant that the HR team had to look up month end raw biometric data and find missing inputs and cross check with the employees in person.

·         Leave attendance management and payroll manager – With a labour force of 3000 employees, the plant needed a robust and customizable HRMS platform that could reduce the turnaround time for processing attendance data and deriving payroll information for a given month within just a few hours.


A customized version of Minerva human resource management system hrms and PayGenie was implemented and launched within 14 days. TenXLabs provided a frugally engineered yet powerful software solution which could:
  • Ensure that regularization was not a cumbersome process. For example, if there were missing biometric attendance data seen by the system, an alert was created and passed on to HR the same day. It allowed the team to cut down on collating information at the end of the month.
  • Payroll processing was handled through a customized version of PayGenie. All data was designed to go through the system cutting down on manual data collection.
  • The payroll engine had customizable rules that allowed the team to tweak. 

    Where there were instances of system side support, TenXLabs was available for assistance. However, such requests have been observed to be on the lower side.
  • Minerva HRMS suite cost approximately 4 to 5% of what they would have spent for an enterprise resource planning system – with extended benefits and flexibility.
  • 90% of online entry and data related tasks were reduced. Data is not aggregated monthly but daily – giving instant insights.
  • Data is not collected manually. One person for the team can now take care of the plant's entire HR function with just the help of the Minerva HRMS suite.
  • Now the labor force can also access the system through HR Automation function. 
    Developing a World Class Integrated HRMS is our Mission We take deep interest to assist your company's most important assets – human assets. HR automation is a critical process for boosting productivity within the organization. HRMS tools give management the ability to recruit right talent, improve employee morale and retain talent among other benefits. A system that automates these, if implemented correctly, will pay for itself and save the company much pain.

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